For Realtors

How to sell more oil-heated homes

From dealing with questions and concerns about underground storage tanks to working with first-time homebuyers who don’t know very much about heating oil—or Bioheat® Fuel—your job as a real estate professional can be really tough.

That’s why the Hudson Valley Oil and Energy Council formed the Partnership for Realty and Oilheat Success (PRO$) program in the Hudson Valley.

PRO$ is a national, nonprofit program with one goal in mind: to help real estate agents and their clients list and sell oil-heated homes faster, easier and for more money. 

Tens of thousands of real estate agents across the country have benefitted from the PRO$ program each year to help them overcome objections and close more transactions quickly.

Hudson Valley real estate agents can take advantage of all that PRO$ has to offer, absolutely free! This includes:

  • educational training to agents, including accredited CEU courses
  • FREE printed materials that you can use to boost your listing presentations and your open houses
  • online resources so that you can get the answers you need when you need them
  • access to local energy experts who can work directly with your clients to help them deal with issues they’re facing

The more you know, the more you’ll sell! Learn more about PRO$ in the Hudson Valley.