equipment rebates

Equipment Rebates

Save up to $750 with oil heating equipment rebates

Studies have shown that heating system upgrades can reduce your annual energy expenses by 30–40%. These big savings on annual heating costs could pay back your investment in just a short period of time.

Now, you can make that payback arrive even quicker and start saving immediately with the Upgrade & Save—Hudson Valley Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate Program.

Save more with a clean heating fuel tax credit for Bioheat® Fuel

New York State has an ambitious goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—40% fewer by 2030.

That’s one reason the state encourages the use of clean-burning Bioheat® Fuel, providing a state tax credit of up to 20¢ per gallon on your state income taxes.

The credit is equal to one cent, for each percent, of biodiesel per gallon of Bioheat® Fuel that is purchased before January 1, 2023, up to a maximum of 20¢ per gallon.

Through this program, you can qualify for:

upgrade and save

  • $500 rebate for the replacement/efficiency upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace or boiler to a higher-efficiency model
  • $250 rebate for the installation of an aboveground oil storage tank to replace an existing tank determined to be unsafe
  • Up to $750 in combined rebates (new heating system, new oil tank)

There is a limit of two rebates per household. Heating equipment rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and for a limited time only, so don’t put off your heating equipment upgrade any longer!

To learn more, contact your local oilheat dealer and ask about the Upgrade & Save—Hudson Valley Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate Program today!

Please read more about the clean heating fuel credit to see if you qualify, and then reach out to your oilheat company with any questions.