Maintenance for Your Oil Boiler or Oil Furnace

Written on: March 18, 2024

Annual Heating Tune-Ups Save You Money

hvac service hudson valley Regular equipment maintenance, also known as tune-ups, performed by a licensed heating oil technician helps your home heating system operate more efficiently, saving you on energy costs and helping to avoid costly repairs and stressful breakdowns. If your equipment is still on the new side, following a proper maintenance schedule can also keep your equipment warranty in force and can extend the life of your heating system too.

Why think about this now? Scheduling your heating oil system maintenance before the cold weather returns makes sense for a few reasons.

Get a Tune-Up Appointment That’s Convenient

When the first hint of fall foliage appears, it’s the beginning of the busy season for your local Hudson Valley heating oil service provider. Their schedule quickly fills up with requests for heating oil deliveries, emergency repairs, and heating system tune-ups from people who have delayed getting their equipment maintenance done. You may find it difficult to get your tune-up service done at a time that’s convenient for you.

On the other hand, your heating oil service provider’s schedule is much more open at this time of year. That means you can more easily schedule your tune-up for a time that works for you.

Heating Repairs Can Be Handled Faster

Annual maintenance is important because your professional heating oil technician can discover small problems before they become bigger and more costly problems. When you schedule your tune-up in the spring or summer, your heating oil technician has more time and flexibility to get any repairs done—without the need to rush off to a no-heat emergency.

Heating Repair Warning Signs

If you’ve noticed anything out of the ordinary with your heating system lately – like one of these telltale signs for a heating repair– contact your equipment service provider as soon as possible.

Maintenance Vs. Replacement

If you have an old heating oil system that is not as reliable as it was before and you’re tired of spending money on repairs, you should start researching your options for replacing your heating oil boiler or heating oil furnace.

This is especially important if the age of your heating system is 20 years old or older. That’s because just like any other piece of equipment around the home, systems will eventually deteriorate and require replacement. You can experience long-term savings for equipment upgrades. A new heating oil system should help you save 20% or more on your annual home heating costs.

New York Rebates and Federal Tax Credits

Homeowners can now claim a federal tax credit of $600 for installing ENERGY STAR-certified heating oil systems that use renewable fuel blends of at least 20% biofuel. There are also New York heating oil equipment rebates available for homeowners who upgrade to a high-efficiency heating oil furnace or heating oil boiler.

If you’re ready to explore new heating system options for your home, reach out to your Hudson Valley heating oil company.